sell used cisco routers – A Closer Look

Used Cisco routers are an appealing option nowadays, especially for companies looking to cut costs or stick to a very tight budget, while still trying to pick up the best IT hardware. Before sale and delivery, legitimate resellers put used routers through a multi-step process in order to ensure that everything works the way it should and are set back to factory defaults.see this page Sell cisco equipment uk.

First, a visual inspection is conducted in order to make sure that everything is in good condition. The router is examined to ensure that there are no cracks or that it has not been otherwise damaged. Many resellers will refuse to sell a used router should there be any damage whatsoever, even slight damage. All components are examined and accounted for. Accompanying equipment and accessories are also inspected.

Next, the serial numbers of all routers, as well as of those accompanying accessories that have serial numbers, are taken note of and entered into the reseller’s system for general record and warranty purposes. Once this is accomplished, the routers and all accompanying equipment are put through a battery of tests to ensure that they can perform as intended.

Once the routers have passed that step, the next is configuration to meet any special requirements of customers who have requested such. Finally, all used Cisco routers, along with all accompanying accessories, are packed and then readied for pickup by or shipping to customers. There are reputable resellers that ship most equipment on the same day or overnight, depending on availability.