Selecting the Best Shower For Your Bathroom

There are two main types of shower to choose from and the choice you make will depend on your budget and your current plumbing in your bathroom.

Mixer showers feed directly from your plumbing system. You will need to find which type of heating system you have to ascertain the pressure you have in your system, if you have a conventional gravity fed heating system you will need to check that the pressure is sufficient to “power” the shower. You can usually do this by gauging the flow of water through your standard basin or bath taps. If the flow is not sufficient then you will also need to add a pump to the system, this will give you the extra flow you need – otherwise you will just get a dribble from the shower.┬áIf you wish to learn more about this, visit

The second type of shower is an electric shower, these are rated in kilowatts, the higher the kilowatt the better (and thus more expensive). In this system all you need to feed the shower is a cold water pipe. The cold water then flows over the heating element and is heated “on the fly” and this is why a higher rated element is better as it can heat a greater flow of water quicker – thus you can get a much more powerful stream of hot water from the shower head.

Both types of shower are best installed by a qualified plumber or electrician.

A mixer shower is versatile in that there are a wide range of heads available, a particular favourite of mine is a square drencher head which gives a luxurious showering experience.