How to Quit Smoking Marijuana – Withdrawals & Detox

How to quit smoking marijuana can be a difficult thing for some people to undertake. The emotional side of things is a major part of the whole process but it is important to discuss the physical implication as well such as possible withdrawal symptoms from stopping smoking pot and how you can deal with them and reduce the severity with detoxification.Do you want to learn more? Visit

Firstly not everyone has a physical reaction when quitting marijuana. Some people stop and that is it, no change. Other may suffer from a range of side effects which are mild in comparison to the withdrawal effects of some other harder drugs but are never the less uncomfortable. Such problems include:


Wild and vivid dreams
‘Fuzzy’ feeling in the head
Most of the time these things last no longer than a week or two as the residual THC cleans out of your system and your body becomes accustomed to a lack of marijuana smoking. However THC has a tendency to stay in the body for a long time after that in smaller amounts which often does not do that much but is still there. To speed up the recovery process there are a few things you can do to detoxify yourself.

Exercise – The benefits of regular exercise is immense as well as doing a few things to directly help your symptoms and attempt to quit pot. Firstly it produces a feel good chemical called endorphins which can often help you feel good and rewarded without smoking pot. IT also helps flush out THC quicker by burning fat cells that it hides in. Not to mention general fitness is desirable and helps build your immune system and a better state of mind, body image and importantly gives you a sense of achievement that is incredibly gratifying and helpful. This exercise does not need to be heavy like weight lifting if you do not want it to be. You choose light exercise like walking, jogging, yoga and aerobics.

Water and Green Tea – You may be sick of the color green when quitting pot but green tea is a good way to hydrate and give yourself other health benefits including antioxidants. The main goal however is to drink a lot of liquid which is essential in an all body detox which can flush out toxins and other things like THC from your system faster.