Camping Water Filters – Most Vital Requirement In Camps

Most people don’t consider having water filters when they go out camping but you must understand that camping water filters are one the most essential requirements in camps. Most of us are so addicted to bottled waters that we tend to buy it almost everywhere and several people also use it at home too. However, once you learn about the advantages of using water purifiers at home, then maybe you would want to use them when you are out camfping too.

Purifying your own water at home is the best way to get rid of toxins and impurities. If you read about the several companies that sell bottled water then you would realize that it is really unsafe and you must use filters to get pure water. Once you inculcate this habit at home then you would understand the importance of camping filters because once you are outdoors you don’t have the option of buying bottled drinks from stores.Click here for more camping water filter reviews.

When you are out hiking through the most beautiful of locales then there is always a tendency to drink water from streams and natural lakes. However, the water from lakes and streams may seem very fresh and endearing but you must avoid drinking such water as they may be infested with germs and there’s always a chance of falling sick on drinking such water. You should always use filter to purify the water and only then should you drink it. Water from lake or ponds should always be disinfected with the purifiers and water filters before being used for any purpose and for this reason you must always carry water filters with yourself whenever you go out camping.

Water in natural lakes or ponds may contain several pathogens, fecal matter and dead animals. Besides pathogens, there might also be sediments of mud, soil and dirt that would be harmful for our body if it enters our system through the water that we drink. The best way to treat such water is to use a filter. Once you collect it from lakes, then you must let the sediments and dirt settle down before using the water. Once the water is clear then you may pour it in another receptacle and use the filter to treat the water before consumption.

Purification filters can be of various types. The ceramic or glass fiber filters can remove most bacteria and protozoa from mildly contaminated water and is the best choice for hikers and travelers to treat water in small proportions for consumption. If the water is heavily contaminated then it is advisable to use chlorinators and iodinators to treat the water as the harmful materials may seem a bit difficult to remove. Some of the portable filters do come with iodine releasing resins designed specifically for campers, while others come with carbon filters to remove any excess amount of iodine from water to render it safe for use.